The Hamilton Santa Claus Parade Committee is a non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to put smiles on the faces of children and adults alike, by putting on the annual Hamilton Santa Claus Parade. We are also involved in visiting local groups/charities to help spread some Christmas cheer to children and seniors who may not have the opportunity to share some.


Our organization took over this task in 1975 from the Mount Hamilton Businessmen’s Association. Our committee is presently in our 45th year of putting on the Hamilton Santa Claus parade.


Everyone involved in putting on this parade (as well as our local events) are strictly volunteers. From our executive, through to the parade spotters on the streets. Our members selflessly donate their time throughout the year to make this parade the best that it can be. We have approximately 50 to 60 volunteers working on parade day. About half of them work year round preparing for the parade. Our volunteer positions include maintenance, out of town parades, local events, bands and parade entry coordinators, media and advertising coordinators as well as our executive committee.


We have a fleet consisting of 3 floats which we maintain throughout the year. We have our Santa Claus float which received a new look and finish to it 5 years ago. Next is our Mrs. Claus float which is our newest float. This float was added to our fleet in 2014. Our last float is our Frosty the Snowman Float or “Frosty” as he is lovingly referred to as. Frosty is over 25 years old, and has participated in numerous parades in Southern Ontario.


People often ask “Why do you do it?” We all have different reasons of “why” but, the result is the same. It brings joy and admiration to each and every one of us to be able to put on the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade and the rest of our events. From the moment we see a child’s face light up when the parade is going by or when Santa first appears, that is the moment we know our hard work has paid off.