Christmas in St George, Saturday October 24, 2015

On Saturday October 24, 2015 in St George, a small town in Ontario was all lit up with Christmas lights and decorations. This was in support of 7 year old Evan. Evan is terminally ill with cancer and his doctors do not expect him to live to Christmas. What started out to be a immediate family Christmas celebration turned out to be a night in which everyone in the town along with thousands of others coming from other areas to watch a parade pass by Evan’s home. There was bands, horses and floats all there to put a smile on his face. Of course at the end of the parade Santa appeared in his sleigh. Santa’s float stopped right in front of Evan and his family watching the parade and Santa had Evan brought up to the sleigh and ride the rest of the parade with him. Giving Evan the experience of a lifetime. His own personal time with Santa what an experience that would be. Seeing the smile on his face was so heartwarming. Evan’s brothers and mother were not forgotten and were given the honor of sitting on the float alongside Mrs Claus. It was a magical night and it was truly the meaning of Christmas. To see all the people who came out to see Evan and give him support speaks volumes. There are truly some wonderful people in this world . Thank you St George for coming out to support Evan. It meant the world to him and his beautiful family.
Evan's Christmas Wish